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Our People

At OTC Mobile Stores we pride ourselves on our people and their customer service expertise. Our employees are from your community and speak your language to better serve you.


OTC Mobile Stores partner with HMOs to ensure that the OTC benefit is adjudicated in a compliant and accessible manner. Our relationship with the HMO ensures that the OTC benefit recipient is receiving a high level of customer service and positive member experience.


OTC Mobile Stores have unique expertise in the community in which we operate. Our partnership with community-based organizations, churches, and other relevant groups is built on trust and a desire to see the best possible outcome in the area of population health.


OTC Mobile Stores have mobile benefit vehicles (MBV's) at select locations throughout the five boroughs. MBV's are positioned in select underserve areas and communities. We also deliver OTC products to beneficiaries in their homes should they have difficulty getting to a store or if they just prefer the convenience.