Our services

OTC Mobile Stores is the first entity exclusively dedicated to the access and availability of OTC Benefit items.

What is unique about
OTC Mobile Stores?

In adherence to CMS regulatory guidelines, OTC Mobile Stores’ method of payment will ONLY be the OTC payment card. NO CASH OR CREDIT payments will be accepted. OTC recipients will ONLY have access to CMS approved OTC items.

Mobile Retail

Strategically placed mobile benefit vehicles (MBVs) in prime beneficiary areas allow OTC benefit recipients to access items in the communities where they live.

Benefit Navigators

Our well-trained Benefit Navigators serve as a customer service resource for OTC Card members looking for items and information on card use and access.

OTC Card Activation

As an OTC card recipient you will be able to use your card for the first time with us. Our Benefit Navigators will assist with card activation onsite at your home, at our mobile benefit vehicles (MBV) or any location that is convenient to you.

OTC Card Replacement

As an OTC Card recipient you will be able to replace your lost card at our mobile benefit vehicles (MBV)in the communities where they live.

OTC do not accept cash

OTC Mobile stores is dedicated exclusively to the use of the OTC Card. Our Benefit Navigators and our Mobile Stores do not accept cash or any other payment type for OTC items.